Write to your MEP now for clinical trial transparency – tomorrow vote at 10

Example of letter, sent by BEUC. Specially important  is for MEPs to support CONS 40 and 41 on “commercial confidentiality” that is being used as an excuse for Big Pharma secrecy.


Dear Member of the ENVI committee,

On 29 May you will be voting on amendments to the Commission Proposal for a Regulation on  clinical trials.

BEUC, the European Consumer Organization, welcomes all the efforts made so far by the European Parliament and asks you to supports all the proposed compromise and consolidated amendments as they significantly improve the Commission proposal especially with regard to ethics committee, transparency, informed consent and protection of the trials subjects.

In particular we would like to draw your attention on the issue of transparency and urge you to support CONS AM 40 and 41.

Recent drugs related scandals undermined consumers’ confidence in regulators and ultimately in the safety of the medicines. The vote is a unique opportunity to restore public trust and to bring more openness in the pharmaceutical sector.
Clinical trials results are useful not only for researchers and health professionals but also for the general public. Consumers, as patients, carers and potential users of medicines, want to be more involved in the decisions regarding their health and they have the right to access information on clinical trials. The disclosure of trials data empowers consumers and contributes to better quality of health care.
At present only half of clinical trials results are published and some trials are not even registered. Information on what was done and what was found in these trials could be lost forever to doctors and researchers, leading to bad treatment decisions, missed opportunities for evidence based medicine and trials being repeated.
The volunteers taking part to a trial do so in the spirit of altruism and for the benefit of society therefore the results of the trials belong to them and to society at large : once a marketing authorization has been granted the clinical trials data should not be considered commercially confidential. The European Medicine Agency policy on transparency and access to documents should be upheld and reinforced.

We hope that you will take these elements into account during the vote and we remain at your disposal should you wish to discuss this further.

Your sincerely,



MEPs on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Committee

Title    Surname    Name    Country    E-mail    Party
Ms    KADENBACH    Karin    Austria    karin.kadenbach@europarl.europa.eu    Sozialdemokratische
Partei Österreichs
Dr    SEEBER    Richard    Austria    richard.seeber@europarl.europa.eu    Österreichische
Ms    DELVAUX    Anne    Belgium    anne.delvaux@europarl.europa.eu    Centre Démocrate
RIES    Frédérique    Belgium    frederique.ries@europarl.europa.eu    Mouvement Réformateur
Dr    PANAYOTOV    Vladko
Todorov    Bulgaria    vladkotodorov.panayotov@europarl.europa.eu    Movement for
Rights and Freedoms
Dr    PARVANOVA    Antonyia    Bulgaria    antonyia.parvanova@europarl.europa.eu    National Movement for
Stability and Progress
Dr    CABRNOCH    Milan    Czech
Republic    milan.cabrnoch@europarl.europa.eu    Ob?anská demokratická
Dr    OUZKÝ    Miroslav    Czech
Republic    miroslav.ouzky@europarl.europa.eu    Ob?anská demokratická
Dr    POC    Pavel    Czech
Republic    pavel.poc@europarl.europa.eu    ?eská strana sociáln?
Mr    JØRGENSEN    Dan    Denmark    dan.jorgensen@europarl.europa.eu    Socialdemokratiet
ROSBACH    Anna    Denmark    anna.rosbach@europarl.europa.eu    Løsgænger
Ms    HASSI    Satu    Finland    satu.hassi@europarl.europa.eu    Vihreä liitto
Dr    KORHOLA    Eija-Riitta    Finland    eija-riitta.korhola@europarl.europa.eu    Kansallinen Kokoomus
Ms    AUCONIE    Sophie    France    sophie.auconie@europarl.europa.eu    Nouveau Centre
Ms    BÉLIER    Sandrine    France    sandrine.belier@europarl.europa.eu    Europe Écologie
COCHET    Yves    France    yves.cochet@europarl.europa.eu    Europe Écologie
Ms    GROSSETÊTE    Françoise    France    francoise.grossetete@europarl.europa.eu    Union pour un
Mouvement Populaire
Dr    LEPAGE    Corinne    France    corinne.lepage@europarl.europa.eu    Citoyenneté Action
Participation pour
le 21ème siècle
PARGNEAUX    Gilles    France    gilles.pargneaux@europarl.europa.eu    Parti socialiste
Mr    GROOTE    Matthias    Germany    matthias.groote@europarl.europa.eu    Sozialdemokratische Partei
Mr    FLORENZ    Karl-Heinz    Germany    karl-heinz.florenz@europarl.europa.eu    Christlich Demokratische
Union Deutschlands
Ms    KLASS    Christa    Germany    christa.klass@europarl.europa.eu    Christlich Demokratische
Union Deutschlands
Mr    KRAHMER    Holger    Germany    holger.krahmer@europarl.europa.eu    Freie Demokratische Partei
Mr    LEINEN    Jo    Germany    jo.leinen@europarl.europa.eu    Sozialdemokratische Partei
Dr    LIESE    Peter    Germany    peter.liese@europarl.europa.eu    Christlich Demokratische
Union Deutschlands
BEHRENDT    Dagmar    Germany    dagmar.roth-behrendt@europarl.europa.eu    Sozialdemokratische
Partei Deutschlands
Dr    SCHNELLHARDT    Horst    Germany    horst.schnellhardt@europarl.europa.eu    Christlich Demokratische
Union Deutschlands
Dr    ULMER    Thomas    Germany    thomas.ulmer@europarl.europa.eu    Christlich Demokratische
Union Deutschlands
Dr    WEISGERBER    Anja    Germany    anja.weisgerber@europarl.europa.eu    Christlich-Soziale
Union in Bayern e.V.
Ms    WILS    Sabine    Germany    sabine.wils@europarl.europa.eu    DIE LINKE.
Mr    ARSENIS    Kriton    Greece    kriton.arsenis@europarl.europa.eu    Panhellenic Socialist
Dr    SKYLAKAKIS    Theodoros    Greece    theodoros.skylakakis@europarl.europa.eu    –
BOKROS    Lajos    Hungary    lajos.bokros@europarl.europa.eu    Magyar Demokrata Fórum
Ms    CHILDERS    Nessa    Ireland    nessa.childers@europarl.europa.eu    Labour Party
Mr    BARTOLOZZI    Paolo    Italy    paolo.bartolozzi@europarl.europa.eu    Il Popolo della Libertà
Mr    BERLATO    Sergio    Italy    sergio.berlato@europarl.europa.eu    Il Popolo della Libertà
Ms    GARDINI    Elisabetta    Italy    elisabetta.gardini@europarl.europa.eu    Il Popolo della Libertà
PIRILLO    Mario    Italy    mario.pirillo@europarl.europa.eu    Partito Democratico
ROSSI    Oreste    Italy    oreste.rossi@europarl.europa.eu    Lega Nord
TATARELLA    Salvatore    Italy    salvatore.tatarella@europarl.europa.eu    Futuro e Libertà per l’Italia
Dr    ŠADURSKIS    K?rlis    Latvia    karlis.sadurskis@europarl.europa.eu    Pilsonisk? Savien?ba
MIKUL?NIEN?    Radvil?    Lithuania    radvile.morkunaite-mikuleniene@europarl.europa.eu    T?vyn?s s?junga –
Lietuvos krikš?ionys
GERBRANDY    Gerben-
Jan    Netherlands    gerben-jan.gerbrandy@europarl.europa.eu    Democraten 66
Mr    EICKHOUT    Bas    Netherlands    bas.eickhout@europarl.europa.eu    GroenLinks
Ms    de LANGE    Esther    Netherlands    esther.delange@europarl.europa.eu    Christen Democratisch
LIOTARD    Kartika
Tamara    Netherlands    kartikatamara.liotard@europarl.europa.eu    Onafhankelijk lid
Mr    CYMA?SKI    Tadeusz    Poland    tadeusz.cymanski@europarl.europa.eu    Solidarna Polska
HIBNER    Jolanta
Emilia    Poland    jolantaemilia.hibner@europarl.europa.eu    Platforma Obywatelska
SONIK    Bogus?aw    Poland    boguslaw.sonik@europarl.europa.eu    Platforma Obywatelska
Ms    ESTRELA    Edite    Portugal    edite.estrela@europarl.europa.eu    Partido Socialista
Ms    ANTONESCU    Elena
Oana    Romania    oana.antonescu@europarl.europa.eu    Partidul Democrat-Liberal
SÂRBU    Daciana
Octavia    Romania    dacianaoctavia.sarbu@europarl.europa.eu    Partidul Social Democrat
Dr    T?N?SESCU    Claudiu
Ciprian    Romania    claudiuciprian.tanasescu@europarl.europa.eu    Partidul Social Democrat
KUKOVI?    Zofija    Slovenia    zofija.mazejkukovic@europarl.europa.eu    Slovenska demokratska
Dr    AYUSO    Pilar    Spain    pilar.ayuso@europarl.europa.eu    Partido Popular
CORTINES    Cristina    Spain    cristina.gutierrez-cortines@europarl.europa.eu    Partido Popular
RODRIGUEZ    Andres    Spain    andres.perellorodriguez@europarl.europa.eu    Partido Socialista
Obrero Español
Mr    SCHLYTER    Carl    Sweden    carl.schlyter@europarl.europa.eu    Miljöpartiet de gröna
Ms    WESTLUND    Åsa    Sweden    asa.westlund@europarl.europa.eu    Arbetarepartiet –
Ms    ANDERSON    Martina    UK    martina.anderson@europarl.europa.eu    Sinn Féin
Mr    CALLANAN    Martin    UK    martin.callanan@europarl.europa.eu    Conservative Party
Mr    DAVIES    Chris    UK    chris@chrisdaviesmep.org.uk    Liberal Democrats Party
Ms    EVANS    Jill    UK    Jill.evans@europarl.europa.eu    Plaid Cymru
Mr    GRIFFIN    Nick    UK    nick.griffin@europarl.europa.eu    British National Party
Ms    McAVAN    Linda    UK    linda.mcavan@europarl.europa.eu    Labour Party
Mr    NUTTALL    Paul    UK    paul.nuttall@europarl.europa.eu    UKIP
Mrs    WILLMOTT    Glenis    UK    glenis.willmott@europarl.europa.eu    Labour Party
Ms    YANNAKOUDAKIS    Marina    UK    marina.yannakoudakis@europarl.europa.eu    Conservative Party