MEP Castex asks for supplementary documents on ACTA

Dear Mr. Commissioner:

With regards to the response from the 15. of February 2010 to my written question on ACTA, I would like to make the following observations.

As the EC has confirmed the EU has ratified the Vienna Convention on the compliance with international treaties and the ACTA agreement will be applied in accordance with this Convention.

Article 32 of the Vienna Convention refers to the “Supplementary Means of Interpretation” which requires the access to “supplementary means of interpretation, including the preparatory work of the treaty and the circumstances of its conclusion in order to confirm the meaning…” if the text “leaves the meaning ambiguous or obscure.”

In accordance with the Vienna Convention I would like to know if the European Parliament will have access to the preparatory works of the ACTA Treaty in the process of formulating an opinion and with sufficient time before the EP gives its opinion on the Treaty ?