Ask your MEP to amend or reject Unitary Patent Regulation voted tomorrow in Plenary

Dear MEP:

Millions of consumers and citizens are concerned that the Unitary Patent Regulation will grant almost exclusive, unquestionable rights to the European Patent Office and its own court, while excluding the European Parliament from any democratic control and severely limiting the competence of the European Court of Justice in the definition of a fair and efficient patent policy that takes into account a broader appreciation of EU law.

For example, one of the consequences of this non-democratic proposal could be the massive patentability of software that has been rejected by the European Parliament and by millions of European Citizens.

The TransAtlantic Consumer Dialouge would ask you to support amendments 74 and 76 to ensure that Patents are under democratic control and to restate the exclusion of patentability of software.

Amendment n° 76 renders explicit that the unitary patent is enshrined in EU law, under the competence of its legislator, and in particular of the European Parliament, along with the CJEU.

Amendment n° 74 restates the exclusion of software from patentability, as already expressed by the European Parliament in 2003 and 2005.

If amendments 74 and 76 are not approved, we ask you to vote against the Unitary Patent Regulation.

Thank you very much,