High price of medicines becomes political issue in EU

Both Greece and Spain have taken unilateral measures to try to bring down the price of patented medicines purchased by public health systems that are now under special stress due to the public debt crisis of these countries. A conservative Greek member of the European Parliament has requested the establishment of a European Observatory on the price of medicines.

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Source: European parliament register

Subject: Written question on European observatory on the price of medicines

Date published: June 25 2010

Please note that answers will be given in written form during the next 6 weeks.

Question for written answer E-4712/2010 to the Commission Rule 117 Konstantinos Poupakis (PPE)
Subject: European observatory on the price of medicines

The economic recession, the demographic problem, which has serious implications for the sustainability of social security schemes, and the sharp cuts in the income of the average European citizen as a result of measures to ensure the sustainability of public finances have given rise to a serious public health issue – the ever rising prices of medicines, which differ markedly among the Member States.

In the light of the above, will the Commission say whether there are any plans to set up a European observatory on the price of medicines in order to curb profiteering?