Open Access event in the European Parliament

MEPs Luigi Berlinguer (S&D)    Ioannis A. Tsoukalas (EPP) and Philippe Lamberts (Greens/EFA)

Why Europe’s researchers and academics want a clear open access policy in Horizon 2020.
In the next few months the European Parliament will decide its position on open access scientific publishing in Horizon 2020. A number of the key issues at stake are the present barriers to access to knowledge generated with EU funding, the high cost European public institutions pay for peer- reviewed scientific journals and how to best promote academic excellence and innovation with public funding.
How academic publishing is changing in the digital era and what the benefits and difficulties of open access scientific publishing models are.
What a clear EU open access policy in Horizon 2020 would mean for academic excellence, innovation and for citizens in general.
Issues to be considered: dissemination, effectiveness of public financing, transparency, academic freedom, peer review, research excellence and the financing of publishing costs.
Does open access to publication and data pose affect the management intellectual property rights?
What is the difference between open access for publications and open access for data?

   What are the benefits of Open Access to scientific data policies for researchers and for public interest? What kind of data are we talking about? ? What legal language and what investments are needed in Horizon 2020 to assure open access?

Date: Wednesday, 10th October Time: 13h00 – 14h30
Room: A1-E201, European Parliament, Brussels (sandwiches & drinks will be served before the event)

Agenda: Introduction by MEP Philippe Lamberts
13h00: Topic 1 –    Open Access to publications
Prof. Dr. Marie Farge (France)
Research Director at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientique (CNRS), member of the Academy of Europe. One of the promoters of “The Cost of Knowledge” initiative that has been supported by thousands of European researchers. She received several including from Cray Research, American Physics Society and the French Academy of Sciences.
Dr. Alma Swan (UK)
Consultant and advocate in the field of scholarly communication for SPARC (Scholarly publishing and Academic Resources Coalition), research biologist, member of governing board of Euroscience, fellow of Society and Biology (UK) and former editor of Euroscientist.
Questions and open debate with attendants

Topic 2 –    Open Access to research data
Dr. Elena Giglia (Italy)
Open Access Projects leader at the University of Turin; member of the Open Access Working Group at CRUI (Conference of Italian Universities Rectors); member of the Editorial Board of “JLIS – Italian Journal of Library and Information Science” (

Dr. Christoph Bruch (Germany)
Senior advisor for Helmholtz Open Access Coordination Office. Appointed ‘lead moderator’ of “Preservation of Scientific Data” for the post-summit process of the World Summit on the Information Society. Previously at Max Planck Society and Free University Berlin.
Questions and open debate with attendants Conclusions by MEP Ioannis A. Tsoukalas and MEP Luigi Berlinguer

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