EU Council Conclusions on Global Health embrace A2M proposals

8. As regards to research and evidence based dialogue and action, the Council calls on the EU and its Member States to promote effective and fair financing of research that benefits the health of all. Towards that aim the EU will ensure that innovations and interventions produce products and services that are accessible and affordable. This should be achieved by the EU and its Member States through:

a. working towards a global framework for research and development that addresses the priority health needs of developing countries and prioritises pertinent research actions to tackle global health challenges in accordance with the WHO Global Research Strategy.

b. increasing research capacities in public health and health systems in partner countries and strengthening cooperation between the EU and partner countries in this respect.

c. exploring models that dissociate the cost of Research and Development and the prices of medicines in relation to the Global Strategy and Plan of Action on Public Health, innovation and intellectual property, including the opportunities for EU technology
transfer to developing countries.

d. ensuring that EU public investments in health research secure access to the knowledge and tools generated as a global public good and help generate socially essential medical products at affordable prices, to be used through rational use.

e. strengthening and balancing the complete health research process of innovation, implementation, access, monitoring and evaluation. International cooperation, common platforms of knowledge sharing and exchange of good practices are essential in this field.

f. improving health information systems of partner countries and the collection of quality and comparable data and statistics to enable benchmarking and inform on the impacts of global and national policies on social determinants in health including the adoption of equity indicators.

g. respecting the principle of evidence-based approach when setting normative action of food, feed, products, pharmaceuticals and medical devices, while taking into account the precautionary principle considered on a case by case basis.

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