Transparency in medical research data. 13-11-12 in European Parliament

Transparency in medical research data and protecting public health

Opening up EU clinical trial data for safe and effective medicines

The European Parliament is presently considering the Clinical Trials Regulation. This is an opportunity to assure an EU regulation of new medicine approvals that assures safer and more effective biomedical products. Opening up the access to EU medical research data is one of the ways of promoting ethical and efficient new medicines.
Academic, experts, policy makers, EU regulators and the European Commission wiill give their opinions on a subject that directly affects the health of all of us.

“Doctors can have no idea about the true effects of the treatments they give.  Does this drug really work, or have I been deprived of half to the data? No one can tell. Is this expensive drug really worth the money, or has the data simply been massaged? No one can tell. Will the drug kill patients? Is there evidence that it is dangerous? No one can tell. This is a bizarre situation to arise in medicine, a discipline in which everything is supposed to be based on evidence”.

Dr. Ben Goldacre in The Guardian 25-9-2012

November 13th, 2012

European Parliament, Brussels

Members private dining room

12:30 to 14:00

Sponsors: MEP Peter Liese and MEP Magrete Auken

Speakers: Dr. Ben Goldacre, author of Bad Pharma and Bad Science, Dr. Trudo Lemmens, renown legal expert and author on clinical trials and Dr. Peter Goetszche, Director of Nordic Cochrane Institute

Respondents from European Commission. European Ombudsman and Clinical Trial Regulation Rapporteur MEP Glenis Willmott (tbc)

With the support of the TransAtlantic Consumer Dialogue and Health Action International

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