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U.S. and EU scheduled to meet on ACTA, August 16

Inside U.S. Trade – 7/30/2010 The United States and European Union are scheduled to meet Aug. 16 in Washington to try reach agreement on contentious issues that have emerged between the two governments within the Anticounterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) negotiations,…

Smokescreen on ACTA

ACTA DEBATE IN THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT WHITE SMOKE AND RED LINES On ACTA “If we don’t include geographical indicators and industrial design in ACTA, what is the whole point to an agreement? These are really red lines for us.” This…

“Nous rejetterons l’ACTA s’il le faut!”

FRANÇOISE CASTEX DÉPUTÉE EUROPÉENNE COMMUNIQUÉ DE PRESSE Strasbourg- Suite aux négociations sur ACTA qui viennent de s’achever à Luzerne (Suisse), Françoise Castex rappelle que le Parlement européen n’est pas prêt d’approuver l’accord en l’état.


UGLY POLITICS IN GENEVA: NO PROGRESS TOWARD ENDING “BOOK FAMINE” AT WIPO The technical solutions for providing millions of books to the blind and visually impaired exist; the political will does not.

Urgent ACTA Communique

International Experts Find that Pending Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement Threatens Public Interests June 23, 2010 American University Washington College of Law Washington, D.C. This statement reflects the conclusions reached at a meeting of over 90 academics, practitioners and public interest organizations…